Structured Cabling
Structured wiring is the highway to deliver all of your organization's information. A system that is poorly designed, inefficiently installed, or out-of-date hinders the performance, profitability and client satisfaction in your organization. Remember that your system is as strong as it's weakest link. We install horizontal, backbone and zone wiring systems.

Structured wire is the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends.
Longest life cycle.
Lowest cost network component
Prevents costly downtime
Simplicity for future changes
Voice - Structured wiring for voice, modem, terminal, fax and other applications.
Data - Structured wiring systems for local area network, host, terminal, data collection, factory automation, DSL, internet access, building connection, and many other applications.
Fiber Optics - Backbone and workstation cable systems using single or multimode fiber.  We offer a variety of fiber optic systems for unique applications.  
High Speed Internet Access - Access the Information Super Highway using a high-speed internet connection.