Software Solutions


Every growing business definitely has an aspiration to reach newer heights, but it means connecting with an extended enterprise which is beyond the realms of existing business systems. It is inevitable to have the right softwares and solutions to help you connect with your extended enterprise. Therefore, how many solutions can you invest in? Will the solutions really address your business needs the way you want them to?

We understand the power you will have when you can build solutions to suit to your unique business needs, exactly the way you want. Every feature of Tally.ERP 9 can be customised, extended and integrated to great lengths to help you achieve higher efficiencies by precisely addressing your needs. Consider a simple example below to understand how the Sales feature in Tally.ERP 9 can be customised, integrated or extended to address a particular business need.


SpearMail is an industry standard robust e-mail server that helps set up a comprehensive e-mail solution similar to that deployed at large corporate firms at a fraction of the price.

Spearhead had establishes and also enjoys a mature-level of trust and confidence with its clienteles across the globe, which has nurture in long-term relationship. We continuously provide services for incorporating and creating the most successful and competitive web business ever design.

Quick Heal

Quick Heal Technologies is India’s leading provider of Internet Security tools and is a leader in Anti-Virus Technology in India. A privately held company, Quick Heal Technologies was founded in 1993 and has been actively involved in Research and Development of anti-virus software since then.


HotelPro is a revolutionary software Solution for achieving excellence in hotel operations and consequent increase in Profitability resulting from improved guest service referral sales revenue and cost control.

HotelPro has been designed by professionals with a thorough understanding of the complex needs of hospitality industry. Development was done as an in-house team with a Chain of Hotels. The package caters to the comprehensive requirement of hotel.
Smart Credit

Smart Credit is powerful and feature rich application for co-operative credit societies. It is very user friendly and developed with International software technology standards and with stringent quality parameters. The highly flexible parameterization scheme enables the client to configure any business rules. Smart Credit is a true multi-user system and allows Credit societies, both small and large to grow and service their members’ changing requirements.

PayPro is a powerful software Solution designed for ease of use and comprehensive employee pay processing and reporting. It features flexible earning & deductions heads, Pay slip printing. Extremely versatile, PayPro is excellent for any business with up to 500 employees with multiple companies and multi locations.

Payroll is an important activity in any organization. With PayPro it is possible to maximize the potential of HR and Accounts through timely and accurate Salary Processing, efficient handling of Reimbursements, Loans & Advances and statutory requirements including all PF , ESI and TDS reports.